Many of the working residents are dressed normally as they would be in any other city but there is also a class of citizen who always seems to have just left for a party, or to be coming home from one. These are the Revellers, the people who live for nothing but sensation and entertainment. Most of them are nobles who do not need to earn their own money or merchants who have made a fortune. Some are the children of hard-working parents who are partying their way through their inheritance.

The Revellers wear carnival dress, which will always include a mask of some kind. They are always encountered in groups, either reeling down the streets drunkenly, sitting on steps and singing, or lounging around in the sun, too intoxicated on drugs to say more than a few sleepy words. Favourite costumes are the Harlequin, the Jester, the Vampire, the Demon Queen, the Bishop, the Laughing Old Man and the Ice Princess. Animal costumes, such as frog, fox and bat, are also very common.

The prevalence of the Revellers is yet another contributor to Crescent City’s high crime rate. Since it is socially acceptable to go out in a mask, it is easy to commit any amount of minor crimes without being identified. Masks free the Revellers to do things that they would not ordinarily do, such as seduce people they have never met before, break windows and run away laughing, or even set buildings on fire. The Church of Marius strongly disapproves of the Reveller tradition but since it is such an entrenched local practice, drawing tourists from all around the world, there is not very much that it can do.

Revellers are only found in the central districts of the city, in and around the old elven quarter. That is where the parties are. Most Revellers know better than to venture out into the areas of poorer housing. Those who do go there are not welcome; they are almost always beaten up and robbed, though sometimes a kindly resident will show them back to the city centre.


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