Church of Marius

The religion of Marianism, from the words of the prophet Marius, has grown from a mere cult over the centuries to become the official state religion of Caldraza. It involves the worship of Law as a concept, with no deities involved. Marianism sees the worship of such deities as Aranu and Hombel as ‘mere paganism’, which is grudgingly tolerated but only as better than no religion at all. Marianists are determined to convert as many pagans to their beliefs as possible, thinking that this brings true civilisation instead of primitive chaos.

Marius was a human slave in the time of the elven occupation. He became enlightened when he saw a vision of the universe as a great wheel, raising some and crushing others, with no malice or blessing involved. Order, and only order, was the nature of the divine. This knowledge liberated him from the fear of death. Nothing was arbitrary; everything was meaningful. If it was not his time to die, then he would not die. If it was, he would. Either way, there was no sense in fearing it.

Marius led a human revolt against their elven overlords, which was quickly crushed. The elven ruler of the city recognised the signs of a prophet in the man and demanded an audience. Marius calmly explained that the elves were dominant now, but that men would be dominant in times to come. Such was the turning of the wheel and there was nothing either Marius or the elf could do to prevent it.

Outraged at being addressed in this way by a mere human slave, the governor ordered that Marius would learn some important lessons about the way the universe worked. It was not some impartial cosmic machinery but the will of individuals that determined how things transpired; in this case, it was the governor’s will that Marius should die. Marius was lashed to the hands of the central clock of Beacon City in a cruel parody of his own beliefs, so that the inevitable clockwork of the machine would tear him in two.

Before he died, Marius calmly denounced the elves and promised his people that they would soon be gone. His words proved true, for the elven empire began to crumble that same year and the great retreat back to Xoth Sarandi began.

Clerics of Marius take a new name when they are ordained. It is traditional to name yourself after one of the virtues, such as Justice, Vigilance or Loyalty.

Church of Marius

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