The Cathedral of Blessed Marius


This huge building towers above the others in the city centre, giving the whole sprawling mass of the city a focus point. It was built only thirty years ago, when the royal family officially embraced Marianism as the religion of Caldraza and funded cathedrals in all the major cities.

It is a vast, grim, joyless structure, designed to convey the permanence of Law. There are no decorations or architectural touches. Everything is stark and geometric, as if to say that mathematics (rather than beauty or morals) is what connects man with the eternal. A central window in the main tower is circular with six radiating spokes, the image of the great Wheel from Marius’ vision.

Archbishop Vigilance Derrick holds religious services in the cathedral every day, with the assistance of ten acolytes. It is a hallowed site, with a zone of truth spell keyed to it. The zone of truth effect means that the Cathedral is also an ideal place to use as a court of law, since those brought here cannot knowingly lie. Trials of major importance to the City are thus held here rather than in the petty courts.

The Cathedral of Blessed Marius

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