Human Druid and Marquess


Human Female – 3rd Child of Nobility – Marquis

Motivation: To regain lost property
Trait: Coin Flipping
Concept: Literal – You Seem to Focus on the details of conversations to the point of being annoying. You will correct speech or spelling and take everything as literal.
Attributes: Talkative, Impatient, and Committed

Profession: Druid

Deity: Fialla


Character Bio:
In the year 2703, the lady Valadria was born under the sign of The Watchman to Harry and Elwin of the house of Tane, Marquis’ of the nation of Caldraza, and lords of the city of Farpoint. She was their third, and last child. Her brothers were Gath, the eldest, and Jet. While Valadria was still only 4, Gath was killed in a hunting accident, resulting in her and Jet becoming quite close.
Valadria, much to the ire of her parents, spent much time in the woods after this, feeling it was the only way to try to connect with her lost brother. Over time, she learned the ways of the druid and became a follower of Fialla.
As she grew older, she discovered that even though she had a strong sense of duty to the forest, she had an equally strong ambition. Channeling this ambition, she learned all she could about her father’s lands and how to manage them, becoming a trusted advisor. Her brother Jet, though destined to inherit the lands, showed no interest in anything other than the bottoms of both drinking glasses and tavern wenches.
In the year 4721, under the sign of The Rose, her father, being a wise and fair man, decided to name Valadria as his successor, though she would not need to step up into the role until his passing. Jed was happy with the news, as he still would receive the weekly stipend due his bloodline. Valadria was exhilarated by the news. After the public announcement, she went to rest in her quarters.
That was a month ago, and no one has seen her since…


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