Elven Crusader of Alterran


Motivation: Pay a Debt
Trait: Snores like a Dragon’s Roar
Concept: Tobacco Addict – You always need to be smoking something
Attributes: Suspicious, Disciplined, Refined

Profession: Crusader

Deity: Alteran


Meldiriel’s parents were slaves in Caldraza. Seeking a better life for themselves, her parents escaped to The Eagle Nations, preferring a life on the frontier to a life of slavery. Meldiriel was born in their home in The Eagle Nations in the year 2671 during the month of The Spinner. She grew up in a small, mostly elven town, though she had a few friends of other races. She received all the standard training and schooling for a young elf, learning how to read, write, philosophize, and hold herself to a higher standard than other races. However, when she was just a kid, a terrible tragedy occurred.

Her town was overrun by a band of monstrous humanoids from the Scarred Lands, led by the giant Frogi. Men, women, and children were all slaughtered. Meldiriel was one of the only elves to survive, using her wits to camouflage herself high in a tree. Seeing the devastation the raid had caused her city, she set out find shelter. Wandering the land for days, she used the knowledge she had learned from her people about foraging. She survived, only barely, before coming upon a small communal of priests.

Among the priests, she learned the knowledge of the gods and vowed to uphold the law they laid down so many millennia ago. She also learned that knowledge can come from all races and everyone has something to contribute. Once old enough, she took the oath and became a Crusader, making it her life’s mission, and duty, to fight for those who are weak, destroy evil, and treat everyone with dignity. Meldiriel can be snotty and has an ego the size of a football field but her experiences have taught her something greater. Her name means friend or ally.


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