The Starborn are all magically linked to an actual star and its constellation in the heavens of Ashfar. They are the material incarnation of that star’s essence. More than one person can be an avatar of each star.

The stars are diverse in nature but all are on the same side – that of life and the power to make one’s own choices. The darkness opposes all of them equally. It is this common origin, irrespective of individual alignment, which makes the Player Characters on the same side. As children of the same Goddess, they belong to the same world, even if they personally would rather despoil it than preserve it. Their destiny is to be protectors of the realm against threats from below the surface and above it, where the darkness grows and is nourished.

The opponents of the Starborn are the Host, who are incarnations of the darkness in the same way that the Player Characters are incarnations of the stars.

The clash between the Player Characters and the drow (and their allies) is thus more than just a fight between material powers. It is the playing out of an age-old conflict between cosmic principles and the outcome will determine the fate of the world for an age to come.

The Starborn have become incarnate on Ashfar before, to defend the earth against the onslaught of the dark. Part of the mystery of the storyline depends on the characters’ finding out about what previous avatars of the same star managed to achieve. By learning about other Starborn heroes who came before them, they can finally come to realise what a pivotal part they play in the destiny of Ashfar.


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