The city before you is breathtaking. Outside the walls were only flat, featureless plains. Inside, there is a crazy labyrinth of streets, with houses, shops and taverns jostling for space. A constant din of activity surrounds you. The smells are rich and strong – spicy food cooked out on the streets in cauldrons, the dung of horses, perfumes that recall the lands of the elves and a fresh sea breeze blowing in from the west.


Towering above all the other buildings is a single spire, on whose top is a transparent globe. Within this, a brilliant fire of red and gold burns, undoubtedly the product of some kind of magic.

Locations in Saragost

*The Walls of Saragost
*The Avenue of Beasts
*The Inn of the Flaming Beard
*The Grand Baronial Hotel
*The Tower of Undying Light
*The Sanctuary of the Seven Archways
*The Grove of Fialla
*The Hall of Echoes


*Meryns Emporium Arcane
*Jehethrian and Croke Arms and Armour
*Martin Chandler Supplies

Important People

*Council of Saragost
*Captain Severin
*Grandlord Peregrine Yomah
*Lady Arigane Zakawe
*Count Thaddeus Crastic
*Michael Dunsany
*Sir Jeren Falconio


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