Order of the Prism

Members of this arcane order use optics as a metaphor for magic, seeing the division of white light into colour as a parallel of the way arcane energies combine to make up reality. Hard study and disciplined meditation are insisted upon.

By agreement between Lady Arigane and Grandlord Yomah, members of the order assist the city watchmen with their magic and will often accompany guardsmen on their rounds. The guardsmen can always call for help to the Adepts if they encounter a strange or supernatural threat to the city.

Joining the Order: The Order accepts only those who are not of chaotic alignment. To join, the applicant must pass a written examination in magical theory. Failure in this examination means that the candidate may not apply again for one month, except by permission of the Head of the Order.

Guests of the Order: A non-chaotic wizard or sorcerer may request the hospitality of the Order, even if he is not a member. This entitles him to use the Order’s facilities for three days and nights. During this time, he must cause no disruption. Failure to keep to the rules of hospitality results in an instant expulsion with no possibility of further hospitality.

Order of the Prism

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