Lower Scumsgrove

The town ahead looks like a scab on the flesh of the land, crusted around the river. Smoke from many chimneys rises over it like a fog. Buildings jostle against one another, crooked and cramped. You have seen pleasant towns and ugly towns, but this town is so hideous that it seems almost surreal. Surely nothing in the waking world is as depraved as this?

Lower Scumsgrove is surrounded by marshes, which drastically restrict building space. Furthermore, it is a river port town, so large warehouse buildings and rat-infested wharves choke up one side of it. The centre is much richer, being built from stone and slate, but it is possible to walk from a rich neighbourhood to an alley filled with cut-throats in less than a minute.

This town is generally acknowledged to be one of the roughest places in all Chillhame. At its best, it is an overpriced, mean spirited town. At its worst it is a nest of villains, with a wholly corrupt bureaucracy and many hard-living, hard-drinking riverboat men filling up the dockside taverns and starting fights. Even Crescent City is a more pleasant place to be. There seems to be a disproportionate number of half-orcs in the town. They are tolerated here, because they will usually work for low wages and they are often happy to beat people up when they are paid to.


Lower Scumsgrove

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