The druid is the Shepherd of the forest. Druids are generally protectors of the wild lands and of life in general, but some druids are a bit more radical and want anarchy to reign among the civilized nations. These druids will do anything to promote the destruction of civilization and the rise of nature. Druids generally group into orders based on their beliefs. Each order has a high priest that rules over the members. Druids are required to get any training they may want to receive from their own order.

Sacred Area: A sacred grove to the druid or other druids. To prepare a sacred grove takes the druid one month of preparation time.

Focus: A druid’s focus is usually a favored non-metallic weapon such as a club or staff. Some druids have also been known to put their magical focus inside an animal skin that they wear.

Casting Method: Vocalization and Gestures

Magical Bonuses: +5 SA in Sacred Area. Druids receive +2 SA while casting in an above ground wilderness setting. Druids receive an additional +3 SA to any school while casting in an above ground setting with their animal companion present and not involved in other activities.


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