Crescent City

The skyline of the city ahead of you is a strange mixture of graceful elven towers and humble slate roofs. In the centre of all is a high steeple, strangely plain and bland in design. As you draw closer, a medley of unfamiliar smells fills your nostrils: unknown meats simmering, cheap perfume, roses and violets, the swampy reek of black mud and something else underlying it all, the sugary spoiled smell of human decadence.


Locations in Crescent City

*The Cathedral of Blessed Marius
*Town Hall
*Laughing Lord Tavern and Inn
*Merry Jackdaw Tavern and Inn
*Pig and Hammer Tavern and Inn
*The Chandlers Arms Tavern and Inn
*The Lifeless Lass Tavern and Inn

Crescent City Lore

* Church of Marius

Crescent City People

*Lord Malthus
*Archbishop Vigilance Derrick

Crescent City is a place of vice and corruption. Its morals are those of the waterfront whorehouse. If you can afford it, you can have it. The city guards are nothing more than a brute squad, murders go unreported every day and the crime gang members are the ones who command real respect on the streets. Only the rival factions’ constant fighting between themselves keeps the governor’s authority steady

The city has an atmosphere all its own. The residents have a casual, laid-back approach to life, which includes merely shrugging at the news that some new atrocious crime has taken place. Visitors from other cities can find it very surreal. The amused disinterest is almost like being in a dream. The smell of the place is most memorable of all. It is a mixture of river mud, human sweat, freshly boiled coffee and piquant spices, along with something older and darker, a suggestion of sweet poison.

A wanderer on the city streets can find any of the following:

• Swamp elves out on the street corners, cooking up cauldrons of stew and offering cupfuls for a copper. The stew is spicy and delicious but has pieces of tentacle floating in it.
• Naked or semi-naked women and men of various races. They display themselves behind bawdy-house windows and beckon travellers to come inside, with no shame or inhibition.
• Portrait painters, who will capture your likeness in charcoal for a silver piece or in oils for a gold.
• Brightly coloured silk tents in which mystics offer to tell fortunes, brew up potions or place a hex for you.
• Bunco stalls where quick-fingered tricksters play the games of ‘hunt the pea’ and ‘find the lady’.
• Crowds of people gathered to watch animals fight each other and bet on the outcome, the most popular being large spiders and scorpions.
• Stalls selling ‘magic charms’ made from dried pieces of swamp monsters, hung on chains and leather thongs.
• Jugglers, conjurers and illusionists putting on a performance in the park, with entertained onlookers throwing handfuls of silver.
• Exotic tobaccos for sale that have hallucinogenic properties but instil euphoria in the smoker.
• A group of Revellers, either off to a party or just leaving one.

Crescent City

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