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  • Session 1-1

    Rose 11, 2721 Dear friends, Let me tell you a marvelous story. It is the story of heaven come to earth, the epic struggle between the light above and the darkness below. It is the story of of heroes, unwitting, and even unwilling, fighting and …

  • Session 1-2

    Rose 11, 2721 - 3:00pm At the news of missing children, [[:meldiriel | Meldiriel]], [[:valadria | Valadria]], and [[:dernham | Dernham]] quickly offered their help in finding the child. Encouraged by this, the town leaders began splitting the town into …

  • Bronce

    _This little settlement has clearly seen better days. Many of the wooden buildings seem to have partly collapsed. The town square is little more than an open muddy space, cut with the ruts of wagon wheels, with a squat stone well in the middle. Off to one …

  • Golden Nugget

    The Golden Nugget is the only inn located in [[Bronce]]. It's name speaks of happier days for the town, when it featured a booming gold mine. *Per Person Costs* Private Room – 1 GP Semi-Private Room (4-person) – 5 SP Common Room – 1 SP