Half-Orc Kenjon of the Order of the Eagle


Background: 3rd Independent Child of a Wanderer – Adventurer

Concept: Fascinated – You are fascinated with a type of creature and will make every opportunity to seek it out to capture or study.
Trait: Distinctive Nose
Motivation: Pursuit of Happiness
Attribute 1: Committed – Once you decide to do something you commit till the end.
Attribute 2: Virtuous – You tend to always take the moral high road.
Attribute 3: Humble – You place others as more important than yourself. You show respect to those that you recognize as your authorities.

Profession: Kenjon

Deity: None


Funakoshi was Born in the year 2699 under the sign of The Wave to his mother Clarice in the country of Murduk Râm. His father, Jalem, was a half-orc adventurer, and died somewhere in the Desert of Sharn without ever even knowing that Clarice was pregnant.

Like most people in Murduk Râm, Funakoshi was taught the martial arts from a very young age. In addition to being a talented martial artist, Funakoshi showed great skill at channeling his inner Ki to create fantastic magical effects. In his teens, he was recruited by the secretive Eagle Order. They taught him how to use his Ki to harm his enemies and to blend in the shadows.

Funakoshi was eventually given command of a small team of Eagles, who were tasked with the protection of the western border of Murduk Râm. In addition to protecting the border, Funakoshi searched the desert looking for any clues as to his father’s resting place.


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