Human Templar of Mysila


Human Male – 1st Outcast child of a Slave – Freed

Motivation: Adventure
Trait: Unibrow
Concept: Ghosts – You always think you are seeing the ghosts of dead people. For the most part, they never talk with you.
Attributes: Callous, Principled, Decisive

Profession: Templar

Deity: Mysila


In the year 2701, the child Dernham was born under the sign of The Watchmen to Oscar and Sierra, two human slaves. When Dernham was only six, a very wealthy dwarf named Cadro purchased him and several other children. Cadro brought them to a ship which was full of many slaves, mostly children.

The ship soon arrived at its destination, the Eagle Nations. Cadro brought all the slaves to a small compound and calmly explained that they were free and no longer slaves. They were invited to help him build up the community of Feldrass he had started, or they were welcome to try and brave the monster infested wilderness on their own.

As expected, most decided to stay, though Dernham found he wasn’t the only one who had been taken from his parents. He found out later that while Cadro had the noble intention of wanting to provide slaves with a home of their own, he was not able to afford many adult slaves, and whole families were even more expensive.

Life in Feldrass was hard for Dernham, though not as hard as it was for others. Because he was both strong and intelligent, Dernham was quickly recruited for indoor jobs such as helping priests, moving cargo, etc., and avoided the more dangerous jobs like working in the mines. After spending time around some immigrant clerics of Mysila, he eventually became a follower, and learned much about Mysila, justice, and combat skills from the clerics.

Shortly after he turned 16, Dernham was given an opportunity to become a cleric of Mysila himself. During his initiation rite, Mysila spoke to him in a vision, telling him that his destiny was to become a templar, spreading justice and order wherever he went. He spent the next four years of his life wandering around the Eastern half of the Eagle Nations, dealing justice and retribution to all to deserved it.


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