Session 2-1

Sounding the Alarm

Rose 11, 2721 – 11:00 pm

Funakoshi shared with the party that while he had been searching near the old windmill, he noticed it was guarded by several trained dogs. In addition, despite the worn condition of the windmill, there was a very high quality lock attached to the door. Traben and Meldiriel wanted to check it in the morning, but the rest of the group just wanted to get moving. The sooner they warned Saragost the better.

Rose 12, 2721 – 8:00 am

Leaving Bronce, they discussed which path to take. Once again deciding that Saragost was the most important to warn, they decided to ignore the minor outlying villages and just head straight for Saragost, only stopping in the 3-4 towns on the way. Dernham had reservations of his own about this decision, but he could see the logic of this decision.

After a couple hours of travel, the group noticed an overturned wagon and a woman standing next to it groaning and holding her side. Meldiriel noticed that the earth wasn’t churned up like you would expect after a cart crash. In fact, it looked like the cart had been wheeled up and gently tipped over. Meldiriel recommended that the group ignore her and move on, but Dernham and the others wanted to help (for a price, said Traben). As the group approached the woman, two well-armed men stepped out from behind the cart and demanded the group’s valuables. Funikoshi started a fight that lasted only moments, and resulted in the deaths of the two assailants, and a new suit of armor for Dernham.

Rose 12, 2721 – 3:00 pm

Later in the afternoon, the group arrived at Lichgate. The town appeared to be mostly a set of walls around a market, and most of the people lived on the farms that surrounded Lichgate for miles. After asking a guard for directions, they met with Apple, the Halfling sheriff. She listened intently to their story of the duergar invasion force and the letter fully convinced her. She recommended however that they stay and warn the Lichgate council, though it would take her a day to assemble them. The group decided that they could not spare a day and left.

Unable to reach Lower Scumsgrove before nightfall, Valadria was able to find a good campsite in the Frost Forest. The next day they were able to make it to Scumsgrove. Seeing how seedy and gross the town looked, Meldiriel decided to go with Tibbers straight to the other side of town. She could not stand being around so many filthy humans and half-orcs.

Rose 13, 2721 – 3:00 pm

Traben, being excited to be in a town that appeared to be filled with so many like-minded people, found warnings against theft in the secret thieves cant on nearly every storefront in town. Traben and Funakoshi decided to go to one of the local inns for information, why the others waited outside. Traben was able to gather the mayor of the town was a puppet, and the real rulers were the guild of merchants. In order to meet with them, they would need to speak to the constable, a man known for his enjoyment of brutal killings.

Funakoshi stepped out of the bathroom and into a troublemaker, who tried to start a bar fight. Funakoshi, being an accomplished martial artist, disarmed and wounded two of his assailants in a flash causing the others to flee. Traben was able to negotiate a guide to the barracks, and off they went.

Funakoshi was the only one brave enough to enter the barracks. After he entered, he felt he hadn’t been brave enough. The men before him were extremely well-armed and armored, and looked to be the kind of people who enjoyed murder. During a very tense conversation, Funakoshi was able to convince him of the duergar invasion and he led them to a meeting with the guild of merchants. Once again convincing them, they responded with verbal thanks, as well as a heavy sack of gold for each person present. After leaving town and meeting back up with Meldiriel and Tibbers, the group began the journey once more.


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